Sunday, March 2, 2014


I'm pleased to let you all know that yesterday I was officially accepted to present at Miami Device a mobile tech conference in Nov.  It was exciting also because the acceptance was sent as a video message to the presenters that were accepted.  So I'll show you sometime this week. My sessions are - Get Real Maths and Coding as Easy as 123.

For those who don't know I do have a global personal learning network of over 3000 teachers who I talk to mainly with twitter but also now using voxer.  I am also a founding member of slide2learn a group of teachers around Australia who were the first in organising an Australia wide conference for mobile tech in learning back in 2010.  That was in the iPod days.  This year our conference is in Sydney at a posh college in the heart of the CBD.  We have international speakers coming whom I've met a couple of time in the US and UK.

My other passion is for publishing a podcast and actually I am involved in two podcasts.  One is called RUConnected that I put together with Lois Smethurst at Berwick Lodge in VIC.  The second is called AU2AZ and I co-present with Rodney Turner a teacher and IT Guru in Phoenix Arizona. Both podcasts are available in the iTunes store.  I think our RUC has been downloaded over 8000 times and we are up to our 70th episode. AU2AZ is fairly new and we are up to episode 11.  It's a little bit more complicated to get a time that suits here and Arizona as we use skype.

What are you passionate about?  Do you share your passion with your students?

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  1. Great share Jenny. You must really accumulate a fair few frequent flyer points.
    I am not sure if it is clichéd, but I am passionate about learning. I think that is what has opened up so many doors. I have found that some teacher balk at taking on a new subject and learning something new. I love it. This year I have taken on Music, Business Studies and Mathematics Intervention. I certainly didn't put them all down on my end of year request, but approach them with the same fervour as if I had.