Quad Blogging

Who is blogging this week?

This term we are continue to quad blog with our colleagues and teaching teams at Epsom PS. When blogging teachers are reflecting, sharing, inquiring, suggesting, celebrating, collaborating and most of all learning to enable growth in their teaching and understandings about learning.

The VIT standards are being met and in particluar we are developing in the Engagement category with points 6 &  7 taken from the VIT website. Knowledge and Practice will also develop as a result of these professional conversations.
 The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers
The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers have been given Ministerial approval for implementation by the Institute during 2013. These will be used by all Australian teacher registration and accreditation authorities. There are seven standards within the domains of knowledge, practice and engagement.
Quad blogging is an activity taken on by classrooms around the world.  Classes form a quad from different countries and blog together for a month.  Here is the link Quadblogging

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