Sunday, March 9, 2014

Owning Up

Over the last few weeks I have had the opportunity to teach music.  I never thought I would enjoy it so much as I have at the Recorder and iPad music clubs.  I actually have a music background and I submajored in music and taught guitar at one stage while at college.  My own music playing began with the recorder so I realise the value it had for me in the later years of music learning.

Playing music was always a way to tune out of the world and relax.  To give my brain a rest from all the maths I would be doing as I majored in maths.  Such a mix of subjects but I believe they are very intertwined.  Music is full of maths and patterns.

We don't all have to end up on "You've got talent" or such TV shows or even become a professional musician.  The joy from playing and creating music is enough for many without even performing for others.  The next step for our musicians is to experience the feeling of playing with others.  Then the fun begins and music comes alive.

Do you play an instrument that you have never owned up to?

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  1. I have fallen into teaching music too. We lost one of our music teachers and I was asked to take the elective. It is definitely a change from English and Humanities. Actually refreshing learning bits and pieces with the students too.